Top 10 Famous Indian Street Food

Top 10 Famous Indian Street Food

Indian street food is considered a delicacy and cannot be ignored. People in India are fond of Indian street food. There are many varieties of Indian street food. Many shop vendors earn huge profits from this business. The Indian street food market is very helpful for unemployed workers.

Many opportunities in this market can make your business well-established in no time. You have to properly understand what is the need of the target audience in that particular area. Keep in mind which specific street food is in demand in that area.

Below are given the ten famous Indian street food:

  1. Panipuri: Panipuri is an immensely famous Indian street food. It is very popular among the female population. It is the perfect blend of crispy balls with boiled peas and potatoes and tamarind water. This delicacy hits different notes with every individual and has the potential to trigger your taste buds to the utmost satisfaction. The scope of this business is very high, and its demand increases every day. The cart pullers in this business earn very high profits by understanding the concept of this business. It is easy for vendors that are looking to expand their businesses, as this market is very promising.
  2. Vada Pav: Whenever you hear the term “Vada Pav”, Rohit Sharma may come to mind. As the captain himself stated, he loves eating this snack. Vada Pav comprises bread, fried layers of potatoes, and some tangy sauces. This is considered a delicacy as it is cheaper than many other street foods and takes little to no time in its preparation. Vada Pav hails from the city of dreams, Mumbai. The recipe is spread across the nation. Many street vendors have applied this recipe to earn huge profits. Many cooks have tried to make some changes to this recipe to boost their sales.
  3. Pav Bhaji: This delicacy has its fan base on a different level. This dish is composed of bread sauteed with butter, a sweet-bitter gravy of vegetables, and some pickles and onions while serving. The blend formed when all the ingredients come together has the potential to keep watering your mouth and eating non-stop. Pav Bhaji is a very unique dish to be exact. It can be debated how eating bread with gravy can prove to be such an amazing taste. It is near to impossible to not find this delicacy wherever there is a market of street food vendors.
  4. Dahi Puri: This delicacy is a member of the Panipuri family. The same balls that are used for panipuri play a major role in this dish. The taste of this dish is quite tangy and sweet. The main components of this dish are water balls, yogurt, and some spices. This snack is very famous and is in high demand as an Indian street food. This is because it is easy to prepare. This dish can fill your stomach for a longer period of time. It is also very cheap compared to other dishes. Make sure to try this delicacy whenever you spot it.
  5. Samosa: Indians have samosa running in their veins. That line does not make any sense, but it is inferred that Indians are fond of samosas. There may not be an Indian who has not eaten a samosa in their life. Many Indians start their day by eating a samosa. While some are there who cannot live a single day without eating a samosa. It is triangular and made of mashed potatoes inside fried maida. It is served with various sauces. If you are visiting your relative in India, make sure to go with your stomach empty, as they will always serve you lots of samosas.
  6. Jalebi: Jalebi is the best friend of Poha in the food community but Jalebi has a good relationship with samosa as well. Whenever a samosa is served, jalebi will also be there. Their combination of sweetness and spice can trigger your taste buds to the core and make you crave more. Jalebis can be made from maida, lentils, or khoya. When fried properly, they are dipped immediately in a sweet syrup to absorb sweetness. They can be relatively cheaper or a little expensive depending on the specific type. Jalebis hail from the cleanest city of India, Indore which is situated in Madhya Pradesh.
  7. Aloo Tikki: Aloo Tikki can be considered to be in the good books of many dishes. Despite having its own dish, it is an integral part of many other delicacies. It is primarily used in burgers, dabelis, and vada pav. Aloo Tikki’s dish is mainly called Aloo Chaat. In this dish, aloo tikki is served mixed with various sauces and chopped onions. Given that both are provided by the same street food vendor, it is very well-liked and typically eaten after panipuri. Make sure to try this popular dish for yourself and also try other dishes in which it is heavily used.
  8. Dosa: This delicacy hails from the southern parts of India. Now, many parts of India have adopted this dish. This dish is heavily featured in Indian street food gatherings. The batter of dosa is made by mixing and grinding rice and Urad lentils. This batter is cooked like a Roti with mashed potatoes on top and served with Sambhar and coconut chutney. Sambhar is nothing but cooked utensils with added eggplant and bottled gourd. The chutney is prepared by grinding the coconut and frying afterward. This dish is very delicious and can make you go for one more every time you eat it.
  9. Chole Bhature: This famous delicacy hails from Punjab. The chole is grams which are swollen overnight and cooked with spices and bhature are big maida bread which is fried in oil until they are brown. Chole Bhature is considered a special dish especially when it comes to serving. This dish can fill your appetite to the fullest yet make you crave more and more. The blend of Bhature with Chole is very satisfying and soothing. The native people in Punjab almost consume this delicacy daily. This dish is very friendly in terms of money but not much in digestion.
  10. Kathi Roll: In the past, for some people, Kathi Roll may have sounded completely alien, but that is not the case as of now. This dish is considered very handy; what that means is that you just pay, take it, and eat it on your way. The fact that it is so well-liked is one of the main causes. This delicacy was new once, but it took little to no time for it to gain popularity. There is a lot of scope for preparing kathi rolls in the market. Aside from eating alone, you can also try to switch sides and earn some profits and recipes.


In conclusion, Indian street food is a business with high profits and huge returns. You can opt to make a living out of selling the food items mentioned above or you can switch sides or consume these delicacies whenever you want. It is crucial to keep in mind that even though these food items trigger your taste buds and make crave more, you have to consume this only when it is necessary. The history speaks for itself, these vendors do not care much about cleanliness, product quality, and the place where they are selling all of this. Make sure to consume this food in a time of need rather prepare your food by yourself.

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